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A proactive & safe method for measuring breast health.

Thermology with ThermaCan is a new choice for trusted medical functional information.






As a Canadian based company, our mission is to provide accessibility women and and men of all ages with medical-grade diagnostic infrared imaging measuring the function of breasts, thyroid, the facial carotid arterial network, and upper lymphatics. Our on-going dedication in the field of medical thermology is to educate,  support and inspire those within our communities. Therma-Can's enhanced capabilities utilize the most experienced and finest source for analysis and reporting in the world. We are passionate about the work we do, and are here to provide a safe, non-toxic method to assist our clients in their optimal health journey.

Therma-Can partners with Therma-Scan Reference Laboratory. Therma-Scan was founded in 1972 with an unrelenting commitment to innovation, integrity and the highest ethical, technical and professional standards in the practice of diagnostic infrared imaging, Therma-Scan is the most experienced and accomplished provider of medical thermology in the world. They are proficient and certified by the American Board of Thermology in oncology, neuroscience and vascular thermology.  For more information on Therma-Scan please visit




Breast Thermology

Compatible for breasts of all shapes, sizes and density. This includes large, small, implants, reductions, pregnant, nursing, mastectomy, lumpectomy.

Thermology is the science of interpreting the information gathered from scans using a thermography camera and  dedicated software.
Thyroid Thermology

Thyroid Thermology evaluates the functional condition of the thyroid.

Carotid Thermology

Evaluates the competence of the right and left carotid artery network as a means to indicate risk for stroke and cerebrovascular insufficiency.



Julie has always taken pride in helping others. With over 25 years experience as a Registered Nurse, she brings valuable experience to the ThermaCan team. Julie has worked in acute care including surgery, pediatrics, and helping new mothers with breast feeding care. She also spent 12 years at a rehab hospital that focused on stroke, cardiac and multi-trauma rehabilitation. As an RN, she enjoyed teaching and guiding patients to make healthy choices in their lives, focusing on health promotion, disease prevention, and living a healthy lifestyle.



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