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Preparing For A Scan

Thermology is an evaluation of the levels, patterns and behavior of the skin’s temperature.   To achieve a meaningful evaluation, you should avoid conditions that would cause artificial influences.  Please fill out your patient history forms prior to your appointment and contact our office with any questions you might have that are not covered here.

Please follow these preparation instructions for your breast thermography screening:

  • You must wait at least three (3) months after breast surgery, including any biopsies, the completion of chemotherapy or radiation before a thermology examination.

  • You are asked to avoid any natural or artificial tanning of your chest for two-three (2-3) days prior to the study date.

  • You must not have had any fever within thirty-six (36) hours of the examination.

  • You must avoid ultrasound or mammogram or clinical physical examination of the breasts for at least three (3) days prior to the examination.

  • There should be no bruising, rashes, or skin irritation in the breast area on the day of the study.

  • You should refrain from hot yoga, sauna, steam-room, or hot/cold packs in contact with the breasts for at least twenty-four (24) hours.

  • With your doctor's permission, avoid use of the following medications for twelve (12) hours prior to the examination: Nitroglycerin, Niacin, Niacin patch, or any migraine medications (500 milligrams or more).

  • You are asked to refrain from exercise, bathing, or showering for one hour prior to examination.

  • Please refrain from using deodorants, creams, powders or lotions that may cause an inflammation in the breast area on the day of the study.

  • You are asked to refrain from any tobacco use, or the consumption of caffeinated coffee, tea or any other caffeinated products for two (2) hours prior to the examination.

  • If you currently are using a nicotine patch or any gum containing nicotine please call our office for further instructions.

  • If you are exposed to outside environmental extremes, such as very cold or warm temperatures, you should acclimate in a comfortable room temperature for approximately fifteen-twenty (15-20) minutes 
    prior to the equilibration process.

  • If you are breastfeeding, please empty the breasts 30-60 minutes before the appointment.

  • Please refrain from bring in any beverages in with you on the date of your appointment.

For your comfort, we recommend that you wear a pull over or button down shirt.

This may seem like a lengthy list of conditions to avoid.  However, we have determined that each of them has the potential to decrease the reliability of your study.  Please contact us to reschedule your appointment if you have compromised these conditions to avoid.  We would rather reschedule you to another appointment date than redo your study.  If you haven’t received your history form(s) in the mail after making your appointment, you may download and print the form(s) from this website. 

** Please complete your patient history form(s) prior to your appointment and remember to bring them with you.

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